KTS History

It's more than just business!

Our company was founded in 2009 by a two complimenting individuals: Julie Ko, a practical, people-oriented business entrepreneur, and Kevin Ko, a software/application developer. These entrepreneurs saw that many companies, especially big companies, were becoming dependent on "out-of-the-box" (OOB) methodologies of technologies and software that they were continuously providing meshed-up, band-aided solutions where customers aree getting lost in the technology.

Julie and Kevin realized that companies were losing perspective on the value of customization and development. Technologies provide the capabilities our customers seeks, however, they fall short in meeting our customers unique business objectives. Julie and Kevin both saw the need to get back to the fundamentals of customer-oriented services where it is essential to utilize the tools to adhere to our customers business requirements in contrast to other service providers who tries to fit their customers' business objectives to function within the features of the OOB COTS products.

Over the years, KTS has been providing the expertise in enterprise solutions: From system administration to custom development, KTS has been focused on maintaining our standard of excellence to our customers and continously seeks to extend our success to you. We are proud of our accomplishments and the trust we've built.